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Why I love American Tribal Style

ATS is my 'ME time'! Our mid-week class with Sue and Sharon is a little hit of fun that gets me through the rest of the working week!  I always feel re-vitalized after class, no matter how tired I thought I was before hand.

I love the dark earthy gypsy costumes. And I love the fact that I am keeping fit whilst having fun.  But the thing that really got me hooked on ATS is the feeling of unity that comes with dancing in a group of strong, confident women who dance for their own enjoyment and relish in their femininity.  It's just addictive!                                  Emily (Student and member of Epona)

Thinking about ATS and describing how it has affected me has made me feel surprisingly emotional!
It's only when I stop and think about it that I realise ATS has changed my outlook in life.  When I get up in the morning I put the radio on, and I sometimes find myself practising ATS moves to Wham in my underwear!  I feel much happier in my own skin, which I think is because my perception of my own image has changed, probably due to having more body confidence.
I feel a real sense of acceptance when I am dancing, no-one ever seems to pass judgement - even if I get the moves wrong and confuse everybody.   I can't attribute this totally to ATS as it's largely to do with the people I dance with, each person is individually beautiful and special and I feel so privileged to be part of the group. Everyone has their own vulnerabilities and I think we are aware of these in each other - but when we dance together they all seem to melt away and it feels like we become one, unified, powerful tribe. 
It's difficult to explain how I feel about ATS, I just know that every time I leave a class I have a renewed sense of energy. I feel confident, positive, happy and optimistic, the way I would like to feel all of the time!
I love ATS because it makes me feel like a woman!  The costumes, the moves, the poise, the grace all make me feel that it is great to be a woman.  It's about the only thing in this day and age that does!            
ATS is the new joy in my life it has opened up a whole new world with lovely new friends to share it with. I have learnt to play the zils to accompany the dance, something which I never thought possible, made my very own ATS skirt, an achievement in itself.  Performing at Chapel-field in Norwich - WOW! - what an experience.  Going on the Internet and joining face-book to keep in touch with fellow dancers.   All these things have proved to me that you are never to old to start something new to enjoy.
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