Anam Cara Dance - Bellydance in Norwich Norfolk. Schools


We can deliver a course of sessions or one off workshops in American Tribal Style, either during school time or after. Learning American Tribal Style can be a journey of personal development in many ways.  Our aim is that individuals learn to communicate and work together as a team, learning to accept and appreciate each other's differences, developing self-confidence and improving self-esteem.   Individuals will learn to support each other as a group and use their skills to create a performance or simply to enjoy dancing together. 

We can also offer workshops in costuming to accompany a course of sessions.  Developing as a performance group encompasses the creativity and self-experssion involved in creating costume.  Costuming is an important feature of the dance.  Each dancer creates her own costume gathering pieces together creating a wearable collage piece, a unique expression of individual personality.  Putting on your  costume and standing alongside your fellow dancers is empowering and gives a feeling of unity with the group.

This is a wonderful Postive Activity for young people.

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