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Eastern Beats

Jurnet's Bar, King Street, Norwich.

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You may have heard of Planet Egypt in London - Eastern Beats is our Norfolk's own Planet Egypt.  It is a regular event for belly dancers, drummers and their friends and family to enjoy a fun social evening.   Jurnet's Bar is a unique, atmospheric, medieval cellar bar - the perfect environment for an informal mix of performance and free dance to a variety music and live drumming. Googlemap Jurnets Bar


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What do people think of Eastern Beats?

"Wow what a great evening. Have you been to Planet Egypt in London? Last night reminded me very much of that. Night club atmosphere, low ceilings, half darkness. Great formula – well done - it's a really good concept"

"Such a good night. The place filled with energy and love, music and dance. Pretty close to perfect if you ask me ... "

"What a fab night Eastern Beats is - brilliant dancing from everyone! We are so lucky to have such a warm hearted, supportive dance community. Can't beat it!!"

"An epic evening!!"












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