Anam Cara Dance - Bellydance in Norwich Norfolk. American Tribal Style Workshops


We can create workshops to your group's individual requirements.  Here is few examples of the kind of workshops we can provide.

NEW! ATS + BASKET Part 1   This workshop will focus on combining slow ATS moves with the basket, both balancing while executing the moves and also adapting moves to fit with the basket. You should be familiar with the basic fast moves as well as wrap around Turn, Barrel Turn, Sarah Turn, Camel Walk, Mini Camel, Circle Step. Don't worry if you haven't found your perfect basket beforer the workshop, Improvise! You will need to wear a non silky scarf around your head to help avoid slippage. Cost of workshop £8 Adam Cara students £10 non students.

THE BASIC SLOW MOVES   This workshop aims to teach you the basic slow moves and move in perferct harmony with each other.  Suitable for absolute beginners to ATS and those who are familiar with the basics and want to perfect their technique.

THE BASIC FAST MOVES   This workshop aims to help you get to grips with the basics fast moves and how to use them to create an improvised group performance in basic formations.  Suitable for absolute beginners to ATS and those who are familiar with the basics and want to perfect their technique.

FORMATIONS AND TRANSITIONS - FAST MOVES   Half day workrkshop.  Learn a variety of formations and transitions using the basic fast moves, developing the knowledge and skills to create an improvised performance.   Attendees must be familiear with the Basic Fast Moves.

PLAYING WITH FADING Using the fade and moves to fade with.

NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION - Developing the non-verbal communication skills.  Make communication with your fellow dancers easier - lose the uncertainty of who is going to what next - relax and enjoy!

SLICK SWAPS!   Swapping the lead without losing the flow.  We will show you how - exploring the possibilities with a variety of moves including: Chico 4 Corners, Roundhouse, Arabic Orbit.

Suitable for all ATS Levels as the moves will be taught from scratch.

DYNAMIC DUETS 1 -  Using eye contact and reading body language, take the art of non-verbal communication to the next level.

DYNAMIC DUETS 2 - Spice up your performance as a duet - learn a variety of moves to pass, cross, circle.

AUDIENCE AWARENESS - Exploring options to create interesting performances to a variety of audience formations. 

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