Anam Cara Dance - Bellydance in Norwich Norfolk. Anam Cara - meaning

The name Anam Cara

In spiritual Celtic tradition it is believed that the soul radiates all about the physical body, what some refer to as the aura. When you connect with another person and become completely open and trusting with that individual your two souls begin to flow together.  Should such a deep bond be formed it is said you have found your Anam Cara or soul friend.  This soul friendship was an act of recognition and belonging helping us return to the heart of our spirit.

Your Anam Cara always accepts you as you truly are, holding you in beauty and light. In order to appreciate this relationship, you must first recognize your own inner light and beauty. This is not always easy to do. The Celts believed that forming an Anam Cara friendship would help you to awaken your awareness of your own nature and experience the joys of others.

We believe that Anam Cara develops through the community spirit of  improvisation in dance. 

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